Can Top-Load Washers Be Energy Efficient?


In any business, reducing operating costs is one of the major objectives. This can often be achieved in several ways such as using equipment that is energy efficient. With such equipment, you can reduce your energy consumption and even reduce your carbon footprint. With top-load washers such as those from Continental Girbau, you can achieve this goal in your laundry business. Energy-efficient top-load washers also have a longer life span, which means they will serve you in the long term.

This post will look at how top-load washers can be energy efficient.

Energy star rating

If you’ve noticed, most machines not just laundry machines have a star rating on them. This is a system used to help you as a consumer identify energy-efficient equipment. It is similar to the rating system used on Apps and other products. The more the star, the better the particular product is, and vice versa. Therefore, when you see a top-load washer from Continental Girbau with an energy star rating, you can be sure it meets certain energy efficiency standards. These standards are set to ensure there’s reduced energy consumption to save the environment and help you reduce your costs on utility bills.

Advanced motors and drive systems

Traditional models of top-load washers use belt-drive motors. These belts often have to be powered to run, leading to a lot of energy consumption. These belts are used to connect and transfer energy from an electric motor to the drum for it to spin and clean your clothes. However, these motors are not energy efficient as they lose a lot of energy through the belts. Modern models on the other hand use direct drive motors, which are less energy-consuming. This is because there are no belts that have to be powered. By eliminating the need and use of a belt, they reduce the energy being used and lost when transferring energy. Such motors are also low maintenance, which helps to maintain the serviceability of the machine and lower your operating cost.

Better features and controls

Morden top-load washers have more advanced features such as energy-saving cycles. Such features allow the machines to achieve the same results while using lesser resources such as water. This feature is also coupled with sensors that help to adjust the water level and wash time to fit each load size. This means, if your load size is small, the sensors will adjust the water level to be lower as well as the wash time. However, waiting until you have enough laundry to fill a load is better than washing small loads. This help to prevent the wastage of resources.

Tips For Improving Energy Efficiency

Here are two tips to help you keep your machine energy efficient.

Maintain the machine

Ensure you regularly clean, inspect, and service your machine. This will help you spot issues early such as wear and tear and have them repaired. Cleaning help to get rid of residue build-up which can reduce the efficiency of the machine.

Use cold water

Using hot or warm water leads to a lot of energy used to heat the water. So to save energy, use cold water. Furthermore, most detergents respond well to cold water and deliver better results.

Energy efficiency is a great way to lower your operating costs. Be sure to choose machines with an energy star rating, advanced features, and modern motors and drive systems. Such machines use less energy. However, you must maintain and use them properly to keep them efficient.

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